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The statistics are staggering. No state in the U.S. had an obesity prevelance less than 20% - (See the CDC's 2011 Statistics). Now, more Americans, at younger ages are suffering from almost avoidable conditions such as diabetes, high-blood-pressure, high-cholesterol and heart complications. What's the usual cause of these ailments? Nutrient deficient, high calorie, high fat diet and inadequate exercise. Communities, businesses and government can only do so much to reverse these dangerous trends and it's up to each and every one of us to do our part to set an example and to help ourselves.

I have found through my years as an athlete and personal trainer that we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to food and the amount of exercise we require or can tolerate. Let me help guide you to discover those specific needs that will allow you to achieve your health and nutritional goals.

So many of my clients talk about their over-indulging love affair with suspected culprits like gluten breads, over-processed dairy products, dead fast food, high calorie alcohol, genetically modified grains and hormone rich animal meats. While their intake of wholesome organic fruits & vegetables, whole grains, juices, lean chicken or fish are at a virtual standstill. They also express their frustration with the time, money, and enthusiasm lost with fad diets, pills, and "store-easily-under-the-bed" workout equipment. Normally, the only people reaping the benefits of many of these trends are the shipping companies, inventors, and marketers.

Over the past several years I have eliminated many of the mentioned indulgences, until I decided to live a vegan/raw food lifestyle, based soley on plant protein with a great portion of my diet being juiced. Because of my strict diet I find myself with more energy, clarity of mind, and leaner body mass. Other noticeable benefits witnessed by clients who have made a conscious decision to put better food into their bodies, are improved circulation, healthier skin & hair (not too dry or oily), smoother digestion, and less body odors. Obviously a strict vegan/raw food diet may not be for everyone, but it's been my experience that clients who are serious about healthier eating habits, maintain a physical exercise routine, and take the necessary time for themselves from a busy schedule can reverse or avoid obesity and its consequences altogether.

Physical and spiritual fitness are lifestyle choices that I've made and I can point you in the right direction and help you make the transition. Contact me now to begin changing your life today!